Why you should invest in wood siding as your next project

Having a siding in your house is one of the best ways to protect them. A well-installed siding system protects your exterior walls from the elements and extreme weather. In addition, it also contributes to the proper insulation of the building. Of course, those are not the only benefits. A siding in good shape increases the curb appeal of your house, thus adding value for resale. So, let’s take a look at wood siding, one of the most beautiful options.

The natural option by excellence

Nowadays, while some people prefer vinyl sidings, many others believe that wood’s beauty is beyond reach. Indeed, the beauty of natural wood is insuperable in any project. Floors, doors, decks… you name it! All of them look way better when using wood. A traditional wood siding is THE original siding. Thus, it is the preferred choice when you want to achieve a more natural ambiance.

Wood siding is extremely durable

You may ask yourself, why shouldn’t my wood siding last for many years? The idea behind a siding is that it can protect your house from heavy weather. For this reason, the effectiveness of this siding relies on the treatment of the wood. You need to prepare the wood boards prior to installation. However, in order to make them last, the wood needs proper maintenance. This is one of the few shortcomings of wood siding. However, if you are one of those homeowners who like to do stuff on their own, this should not be a problem. With some regular repainting and staining, it can last up to a century!

Looking for an eco-friendly option?

As a natural material, wood is also biodegradable. Therefore, if you ever want to change your wood siding, you don’t have to worry about pollution. Plus, you can recycle or repurpose the wooden boards for other projects in your home. If you think eco-friendly, a this type of siding is your best bet.

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