See the amazing pros of cement sidings and give us a call!

A few months ago, we discussed a few advantages of cement fiber sidings. Indeed, they are visually versatile, highly durable, and require low maintenance. Cement sidings are so sturdy that they can resist extreme weather easily.

Despite the higher cost, it’s an amazing investment for your home improvement. Trust JS Roofing Services for top-quality siding installation! Get the protection you need by calling (703) 732-3838!

Look the benefits you receive with cement sidings

Amazing resistance to fire!

One of the greatest benefits of cement sidings is the safety they provide. Basically, cement takes a much higher temperature to burn than wood or vinyl. Thus, cement fiber can resist eventual fire hazards way better than your traditional siding.

Of course, cement fiber is not 100% fireproof. However, fires will cause less damage to it. But then, the best part is that your sidings will prevent the spread of fire!

Concerned about the environment?

Depending on the manufacturer, you can get a 100% recycled material for your home siding. Nowadays, you won’t likely this type of fiber containing toxic materials. So, don’t worry about asbestos or anything like that!

Wood sidings are indeed eco-friendly, too. However, they’ll cost you more. Try cement sidings instead, and you won’t be wrong!

Termites? Never again!

Oh, those dreaded little beings! If you’ve had wood sidings, you know what this means. We’re sorry you had to deal with termites. So, for the concerned homeowner, cement fiber is the way to go!

Cement fiber is technically synthetic, and it has sand and cement within it. Thus, it will resist even the most stubborn termites.

If you’ve had issues with extreme temperatures and weather, cement sidings are an amazing choice. However, you need to let an expert help you on this project. Get in touch with JS Roofing Services and get the ideal protection and look for your home!