More ways a leaking roof can greatly damage your home

No matter what kind of roof you have, it is likely that you will face leaks someday. While some roofing systems are safer than others, this is almost unavoidable. As you can expect, there are various consequences of having a leaking roof. In our previous article, we saw how water can eventually seep into other parts of your house. The moisture issues can make your insulation useless, thus rising your energy costs. In addition, when you neglect problems with leaks, they can lead to serious structural problems with your walls or ceiling. Today, we will take a look at other hazards due to your leaking roof.

A very real risk of shocks and short-circuits

Indeed, leaks can seep water into your walls. However, while structural damage that it can cause is usually in the long-term, the risk that water contacts electrical wiring is more urgent. In fact, if water already caused breaks in the insulation, the risk of fire is greater since there will be an open circuit.

Of course, the most obvious hazard is that water seeps around outlets, metal junction boxes, or any uncovered wires. If the water that has seeped into the wall becomes electrically charged, anyone who touches it can get a shock. If you have discovered a leak near any part of your wiring system, make sure to shut down the power from the breaker. Then, your best option is to call an electrician to examine the affected area.

More dangers of having a leaking roof

While electrical damages are among the worst hazards, there are some other ways in which water can cause issues. Remember; a neglected leak can become larger pretty fast. Thus, it creates a slip hazard, which is quite dangerous for elderly people. Moreover, if you installed drywall in your ceiling, a leaking roof will seep water over it and make it crumble down. This is especially likely to happen near the gutters. Finally, any extended leaks can damage the roof deck. This will create larger problems because of the deterioration and rot, thus leading to higher repair expenses.

Whenever you are facing any issues with a leaking roof, don’t hesitate and get professional help. Get in touch with JS Roofing Services for quick and reliable assistance.