Worried about winter? See the best siding options here!

A home siding is fundamental for your home, especially during a harsh winter. When installed properly, it protects your exterior walls from strong winds, snow, and even frost during blizzards. However, when you decide to invest on a siding installation, you probably wonder which one is the best siding to stand up to winter.

At JS Roofing Services, we are experts in siding installation, and we are committed to protecting your house. As such, we’ll show you how some siding options withstand winter. Get in touch with us for more info at (703) 732-3838!

Basically, as long as your siding keeps you warm and protects your exterior walls, that one is the best. However, there are some differences that are worth to mention.

Getting the best siding for winter season

SidingWood Siding

It’s THE original and traditional siding. Indeed, everybody loves the natural look of wood. However, it isn’t as resistant to winter as other siding materials.

Having said that, it’s important to notice that as long as you have a good exterior sealant and primer for your wood siding, it will protect your home from winter with no troubles.

Of course, you must pay attention if you detect any cracks. Without a doubt, cracks will allow moisture from ice and snow to seep into the wood boards. As a result, you will end up with a warped or even rotted siding by spring.

If you already have a wood siding and you’re in doubt, feel free to call us for an assessment.

Vinyl Siding

Nowadays, vinyl stands out as one of the best siding materials. Its low cost and excellent performance make it a popular option in America.

In fact, vinyl is an excellent choice to withstand winter since it has a moisture-resistant coating. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about having a cracked or warped siding due to changes in temperature.

siding 2Whether you think of a blizzard or a hurricane, vinyl is one of the best siding materials out there. It’s almost impenetrable. You would need to worry only if your siding has a hole due to an accident.

You will see some useful info about other options in our next article. Remember; the best siding for your needs is somewhere out there, but the lack of it can cause serious ice damage to your home.

So, get in touch with JS Roofing if you have doubts about the state of your siding!